About the artist

Andy Corp is an artist who primarily expresses himself in the form of abstract seascapes. His artistic expression came later in his life. Influenced by his artist sister, he decided to try his own hand at painting and felt himself drawn to images of the water. His first paintings were received well by family and friends, which encouraged him to pursue this avenue of creativity. Andy has no formal training but continued to develop his style by observing other artists and carefully examining other works of art. Now, nearly two years later, he has a collection of work that evokes a wide range of emotion, from a happy seascapes to a contemplative sunset.

Andy’s main inspiration for his work is his autistic daughter, who he hopes to leave a painting or two behind for her. His loyalty has always lain with acrylic paints, which he uses to sculpt idyllic images of sailboats and sunsets against the water. Each abstract seascape speaks to the adventure and beauty of the natural world, with powerful tumultuous yet colorful skies contrasted with a small sailboat heading out on a journey. Painting is a way that Andy feels peace and his wish is that others feel the same when they look at his work. He wants others to feel the hope and promise of a better future sealed into each brush stroke and seek that inspiration and serenity.